Local Business Tax Information

The Tax Collector of Indian River County collects a Local Business Tax from businesses located in the unincorporated areas of Indian River County only. Businesses located in the incorporated cities and towns in Indian River County should check with their local entity. Local Business Taxes can be paid at the Tax Collector's Office.

The annual Local Business Tax is $40.00 for all businesses.

Payment of the Local Business Tax gives an individual or business the privilege of doing business in the unincorporated areas of Indian River County. It does not constitute the approval of any governing authority responsible for overseeing and/or regulating a trade, practice, activity or service, etc.


  • New businesses must pay their Local Business Tax prior to engaging in their enterprise.
  • The Local Business Tax year is from October 1st to the following September 30th.
  • Local Business Tax receipts are pro-rated for new businesses that start
    between January and September.

If your business or profession is regulated by the State of Florida or any governing authority, a copy of the documents (i.e., State License, Certificate of Competency, Bar Card, etc.) provided by the State of Florida or governing authority as proof of your compliance will be required with your application for a Local Business Tax Receipt.

As of October 1, 1994, if applicable, a current copy of the Fictitious Name Registration is required in order to receive a Local Business Tax receipt. Please contact the Florida Department of State to obtain a Fictitious Name Registration at https://sunbiz.org.

City/Town Contact Information

For businesses located within city limits, contact the appropriate city for information:

  • City of Fellsmere: (772) 646-6314
  • City of Sebastian: (772) 589-5330
  • City of Vero Beach: (772) 978-4550
  • Town of Indian River Shores: (772) 231-4453
  • Town of Orchid: (772) 581-2770

To obtain a Florida Sales Tax Number, please contact the Florida Department of Revenue at (772) 429-2900.

Federal Identification Numbers can be obtained from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service at (800) 829-4933.

The Local Business Tax is in addition to and not in lieu of any other license required by law, municipal, or county ordinance, and is subject to regulations of zoning, health, and any other lawful authority.

In addition to the Indian River County Local Business Tax:

if you are located in the unincorporated area of Indian River County and you are operating your business out of your home you must also obtain a Home Occupation Permit from the Code Enforcement Department of Community Development. Applications may be obtained from Code Enforcement, 1801 27th Street - Building A, Vero Beach, FL 32960, (772) 226-1249 or see Home Occupation Permit Application. Home Occupation Permit applications cannot be processed on-line. Please take or mail your completed application with your payment to Code Enforcement.

The following documentation is needed to obtain a Local Business Tax receipt:

  • Home Occupation Permit or Home Occupation Qualification Form (when applicable)
  • Copy of your Fictitious Name Registration when applicable
  • Depending on the type of business, additional information may be required. Please contact the Tax Collector's Office at 772-226-1343 or message us for more information.

Local Business Tax applications may be obtained from the Tax Collector's Office or see the Local Business Tax Application form.

If you operate your business from your home, in addition to the Local Business Tax, you will need to complete the County Planning Home Occupation Qualification Form and submit it with your Local Business Tax Application to the Tax Collector's Office.