Installment Payment Plan

If the taxpayer qualifies, the Installment Plan allows the taxpayer to pay property taxes in four payments rather than one.

Qualifications to Participate in the Installment Plan:

You can participate in the quarterly installment plan for next year's taxes for your real estate and/or your tangible personal property taxes if your next years estimate tax tax bill is more than $100. An installment application was included with your tax bill and is also provided in our Resources page. If you wish to participate in the installment plan, you must complete and return the application to the Tax Collector no later than April 30th.

If you have an escrow account, check with your mortgage company. Since you pay a portion of your taxes to your mortgage company with your monthly mortgage payment the mortgage company makes a single payment for you, therefore you may be unable to participate in this plan.

When are my tax bills due if I choose to pay my taxes on the Installment?

Your first bill will be due in June.

Per Florida Law, the June payment must be made or you will be dropped from the installment plan. If you do not make your June installment payment, you will receive a tax bill in November for the full year's taxes with the usual discounts.

The June payment includes a 6% discount. The second bill is due in September and includes a 4.5% discount, the third in December with a 3% discount and the final bill in March with no discount.

The June and September bills will be computed using your prior year amount. The December and March bills will reflect the new tax year taxes. (The tax roll is certified to the Tax Collector in October). Any increases or decreases in your tax bill due to changes in the assessed value and/or exemptions are reflected equally in the third and fourth installments (December and March).

If any payment is not made during the month it is due, you will lose your discount on the payment you missed. We are unable, by law, to accept an installment payment in any month other than the month it is due. *With the exception of the 1st payment (June) the missed payment will be included in the next payment that becomes due.

If you miss the June payment but still wish to be on the installment plan, Florida law allows you to make payment in July. The June discount is removed and a 5% penalty is added.

What happens if I make an installment payment and then sell my property?

If the property is sold after one or more installment payments have been made, the account must continue on the plan for that year. The seller should make sure the realtor and closing agent know that some of the taxes have been paid. This will help ensure that the taxes will be correctly prorated at the closing. The new owner should also be informed that the property is on the installment plan. If they do not wish to be on the plan for the next year, they can contact the Tax Collector's Office  and have the account removed from the plan.